About Us


MyFit 101's Mission

We plan to train you to make exercise, eating healthy, and being positive apart of your life.  The goal is to make a fitness plan that suits your individual needs, so that you can begin to create and maintain habits that will improve your quality of life: mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Early Beginnings

MyFit 101 was created in 2010 to accommodate several groups of people with individual fitness goals that wanted to get in shape.  In order to achieve any goal whether its mental, physical or spiritual in nature, takes practice and a good plan.  There are a variety of modes of exercise that MyFit 101 draws on to create a Fitness Plan that is right for you.  Combine our support, guidance, and expertise with your full commitment all things are possible.


About the Owner: Annika

I have over 10 years experience in teaching group fitness, personal training, and fitness coaching.  I started MyFit 101 because I felt people needed to be educated about what they needed to do specifically to make a change  and a good reliable source and plan to follow to achieve it.  This notion still applies, but more specifically, we must address the emotional/spiritual side as well, while making you physically strong.  Where your attention goes, your energy flows.